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Connecting to Sharepoint

  1. Select Tools > Options > Accounts > SharePoint:

  2. Enter the URL of your SharePoint site
  3. Enter the User Name and Password used to access the site.
  4. Select the Authentication Type depending on how your SharePoint site is configured:

    • Claims Based
      • Your SharePoint site may use Claims Based authentication if it is SharePoint 2013 or earlier.
    • Forms Based
      • Your SharePoint site may use Forms Based authentication if SharePoint is installed on a server connected to your domain, but non-domain users can also log in to SharePoint.
    • Windows Domain
      • If you enter your windows username and password in a Windows Security window (see image below) when connecting to SharePoint, then you should choose Windows Domain.

  5. Select SaveBinaryDirect for the File Upload Method if you are using Windows Domain authentication and need to upload very large files.

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