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Submissions: Setting Up the Export Format

Getting Started

Use the Format tab to designate which fields will be exported from your submissions.

Drag any field you need from the left side of the screen and drop it on the the right side of the screen. To delete a field, click on the row button and hit your Delete key. To reorder the fields, drag the row button and drop it at the location you desire.

Repeating Data

If the form contains either Repeating Section controls or Table controls, see this walk through article on how to handle repeating data.

Column Names

If desired you can provide column names in the Name field.

If you don't enter a column name, the braces will be removed from the value field and the resulting value will be used as the column name:

Value Column Name Result
{First Name} First Name
{FirstName} {LastName} FirstName LastName
If column names don't show up in the export (Text and Excel), make sure the Include Column Names check box on the Advanced tab is checked.

Combining Fields

You can combine multiple fields and static text in the same column:

Value Export Result
{FirstName} {LastName} Dan Smith
{LastName|, {FirstName} Smith, Dan
{AddressLine1} {AddressLine2} {City}, {State} {Zip} 123 Main Apt 4 Anywhere, KS 12345

Calculating Values

A wide variety of calculations can be performed on submission data. See here for more details.

Data Types

You can designate the correct data types using the Data Type column. When records are exported the Data Type will have the following effects:

  • CSV
    • Text fields will be wrapped in quotes.
    • Integer, Decimal and Date Time fields will have any commas removed and will not be wrapped in quotes.
  • Excel (xls and xlsx)
    • Integer and Decimal fields will be formatted as numbers in Excel.
    • Date Time fields will be formatted as date or time.
  • Access (mdb and accdb)
    • Boolean fields have a default value of No if no value is entered.
    • Integer and Decimal fields have a default of 0 if no value is entered and "Send NULL for blank values" is not selected.
  • Sql (2000 and 2005+), MySql, Oracle, Sybase ASE, ODBC
    • Boolean fields have a default value of 0 (False) if no value is entered.
    • Integer and Decimal fields have a default value of 0 if no value is entered and "Send NULL for blank values" is not selected.
  • All Export Targets
    • Text fields that have a single Date/Time control as the value source will be formatted using the format strings set at Tools | Options | Jobs | Submission.

For guidance on working with date / time fields, see here.

Auto Created Tables

When exporting to an SQL target, if the SQL statement in Sync & Save is not customized and the target table does not exist, Sync & Save will attempt to create a table using the following data types:
Sql 2000
Sql 2005+
MySqlOracleSybase ASE
IntegerNumber (Long Integer)
Date TimeDate/TimesmalldatetimesmalldatetimeDATETIMEDATEdatetime
TextText (255)
varchar (1000) / nvarchar (1000)varchar (1000) / nvarchar (1000)VARCHAR (1000)VARCHAR2 (1000) / NVARCHAR2 (1000)
varchar (1000) / univarchar (1000)
Long TextMemotext / ntextvarchar (max) / nvarchar (max)
TEXTCLOB / NCLOBvarchar (1000) / univarchar (1000)
varbinary (max)
These defaults can be customized at Tools | Options | SQL.


Sync & Save can output attachments directly to all supported SQL systems except for Sybase ASE. Drag the attachment field to the Value column and select the data type of Attachment. If you leave the Data Type as Text, then the URL to the attachment will be exported.

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