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Upload from Excel source has truncated values

Sync & Save versions 1.1 to 1.2.7 use the Jet Oledb 4.0 data provider to import from Excel. By default this provider scans the first 8 rows of data to determine the data type for each column. If the first 8 rows contain text shorter than 255 characters, the chosen data type will be a 255 character length text field. If subsequent rows contain text longer than 255 characters, the value will be truncated.

To solve the truncation of text, see the workaround in this kb article or update to a newer version of Sync & Save. If you set the TypeGuessRows value to 0, it will scan all rows and set the data type of a column that contains any text longer than 255 characters to memo. 

Reported in version 1.2.5

Fixed in version 1.2.9

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