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Backing Up And Restoring

Backing Up

All configuration and archive data for Sync & Save is stored in the folder C:\ProgramData\doForms\Sync And Save. A back up of this folder will contain everything needed to restore the current Sync & Save configuration, logs and submission archive.

Current job configuration is located in the version specific folder located at "C:\ProgramData\doForms\Sync And Save\#.#.#" A back up of this folder will contain everything needed to run current Sync & Save jobs, but will not include the configuration of previous versions, logs or the submission archive.


In order to restore your Sync & Save configuration, please follow these steps:
  1. Install the same version of Sync & Save on the new or restored machine. If you don't have the installer for the version you need, please contact support.
  2. Open Sync & Save. This will create the "C:\ProgramData\doForms\Sync And Save" folder as well as default data files.
  3. Close Sync & Save.
  4. Copy the full contents of the backed up "C:\ProgramData\doForms\Sync And Save" folder to "C:\ProgramData\doForms\Sync And Save", overwriting any files or folders that already exist in the folder.
  5. Open Sync & Save. Your previous job configuration should be present.


Note that if you wish to move a licensed install of Sync & Save you should first deactivate the original license (Help | License | Deactivate) before installing on a new machine. Once installed, you can then activate the license again.

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