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Connecting To Cloud File Systems

There are two ways to connect to cloud file systems:

  1. Install the client software for the cloud file system.
    • Most cloud file systems include client software that can be installed on your local machine. The client software creates a folder or folders on your hard drive that is automatically synchronized with the cloud file system.
    • This is the recommended method for connecting to cloud file systems because it is the most efficient and least error prone.
    • When configuring a Sync & Save job, just choose a file or directory within the special synchronized directory(s) and the job will be connected to the cloud file system.
    • Here are links for many popular cloud file systems:
  2. Use Sync & Save cloud connect.
    • If it is not possible to install the client software for your cloud file system, then Sync & Save supports connecting directly to some cloud file system providers.
    • The first step is to connect to your cloud file system provider from the Tools menu:

    • On the next screen, authorize Sync & Save to connect to your cloud file system. (Dropbox shown as an example)

    • Now, when you click the browse button in any job, you will now be offered a choice between file systems.

    • Browse the cloud folders and choose the correct file or folder and click OK.

    • Sync & Save job will now use the selected path.

Note: Sync & Save cloud connect does not support Access files. All other file types are supported.

Available in version 1.5.0: Dropbox, Box, Google Drive

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