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Submissions: Exporting To Sage 50 Customer

Update An Existing Customer

If you want to update an existing customer, populate the Customer ID ‡* field with the ID of an existing customer.

Adding A New Customer

To add a new customer, populate the Customer ID ‡* with an ID that does not exist.

Customer Fields

Customer ID ‡*
Customer Name
Is Prospect
Is Inactive
Account Number
Phone 1
Phone 2
Bill To: Title
Bill To: First Name
Bill To: Middle Initial
Bill To: Last Name
Bill To: Suffix
Bill To: Company Name
alse, "Bill To: Job Title
Bill To: Phone 1
Bill To: Phone 2
Bill To: Fax
Bill To: Email
Bill To: Gender ‡
Bill To: Address 1
Bill To: Address 2
Bill To: City
Bill To: State
Bill To: Zip
Bill To: Country
Bill To: Sales Tax Code ‡
Bill To: Notes
Ship To 1: Title
Ship To 1: First Name
Ship To 1: Middle Initial
Ship To 1: Last Name
Ship To 1: Suffix
Ship To 1: Company Name
Ship To 1: Job Title
Ship To 1: Phone 1
Ship To 1: Phone 2
Ship To 1: Fax
Ship To 1: Email
Ship To 1: Gender ‡
Ship To 1: Address 1
Ship To 1: Address 2
Ship To 1: City
Ship To 1: State
Ship To 1: Zip
Ship To 1: Country
Ship To 1: Sales Tax Code ‡
Ship To 1: Notes
Customer Type ‡
Web site
Custom 1
Custom 2
Custom 3
Custom 4
Custom 5
Customer Since
Sales Rep ‡
GL Sales Account ‡
Open PO Number
Ship Via
Resale Number
Price Level
Email Batch Delivery
Replace Item ID With Part Number
Replace Item ID With UPC
Payment Method ‡
Cash Account ‡
Terms: Type ‡
Terms: Due Days
Terms: Use Discounts
Terms: Discount Days
Terms: Discount Percent
Terms: Charge Finance Charges
Terms: Credit Limit
Terms: Credit Status ‡

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