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Submissions: Exporting to Word


  • Enter the file to use as a template. If no file is entered, or if the template file does not exist, each value will be inserted on a new line in the document.
  • Enter the folder and file name of the target document. You can use Parameters from the Format tab to build the path.

Advanced Options

  • If One Document Per Submission is selected, a new document will be created for each submission. If the path to the document is not unique, then a number will be added to the end of the file name.
  • If One Document Per Submission is not selected, submissions will be appended to the end of the existing document.


  • Any standard Word docx file can be used as a template.
  • Merge fields are designated by curly braces { }.
  • Sections of the document that should be repeated are wrapped with the tags {RepeatStart} and {RepeatStop}.
  • Repeating sections can be inside a table or they can be normal paragraphs.


  • Merge template

  • Format

  • Resulting document


  • Image type attachments can be embedded in documents if the Data Type is set to Attachment.
  • To control the size of the embedded image, place the merge field inside a table cell and specify the row height and cell width properties:


If the source form contains a large number of tables, grids or repeatable controls, performance may be improved by setting the Advanced | Repeats option to "Combine Repeats".

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