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Submissions: Archive

Sync & Save can be configured to keep an archive of submission data.


  • Select the Archive option and Sync & Save will begin to keep local copies of all submission data received by the job.
  • Note that if a form attachment is not configured to be exported in the Format of the job, it will not be automatically included in the archive.

  • By default Sync & Save stores the submission archive for each form in C:\ProgramData\doForms\Sync And Save\<accountname>\<formnumber>.
  • The accountname and formnumber values can be extracted from both the recordid value of the submission (shown above) and the Web Service ID of the form.
  • Even if more than one job is connected to the same web service, only one archive is created.

View Archive

Archive is available beginning in Sync & Save 1.11.0.

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