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Submissions: Exporting To Evernote

Exporting to Evernote is available beginning with Sync & Save 1.11.0

Connect To Evernote

  • Choose Tools | Connect To Evernote to allow Sync & Save to connect to your Evernote account.

  • Enter your Evernote account information.

  • Click Authorize to allow Sync & Save to connect to Evernote.

Job Configuration

  • Enter the name of the notebook where notes will be created. If the notebook does not exist the default notebook will be used.

  • A special field with the name Note_Title can be used to build the title of the note. If this field is not populated, then {Record_Name} will be used for the note title.
  • Choose the Attachment type to attach files to the note.
  • Place the fields in the order they should appear in the note.


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