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Submissions: Handling New Versions Of A Form

Most changes to a form require that a new version of the form be published, with a new name and a new web service ID.

Please follow these steps to make a new version of an existing Sync & Save job to match a new form version:
  1. Copy the existing job. Check off the job on the main screen and click Copy on the main menu bar.
  2. Open the new job. It will have the same name as the original job, but with "Copy" added at the end.
  3. Edit the new job name to match the name of the new form version.
  4. Edit the Connection Settings of the new job to point at the new web service.
  5. Edit the Format and Settings tabs to handle any new or removed fields. For instance, if the new form version has a new field, make sure it is added to the list of fields on the Format tab.
Once all the submissions from the original form have been processed by the original job, please turn off the original job's schedule.

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