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Submissions: Exporting To QuickBooks Online Vendor

Update An Existing Vendor

  • To update an existing vendor, populate the "Existing Vendor ‡" field with either the Display Name of an existing vendor. If no matching Vendor is found, a new Vendor will be added.

Add A New Vendor

At least one of the following fields must be populated to add a new Vendor:

  • Given Name
  • Middle Name
  • Family Name
  • Company Name
  • Display Name

Vendor Fields

Existing Vendor ‡
Given Name
Middle Name
Family Name
Company Name
Display Name
Name On Check
Is Active
Primary Phone
Alternate Phone
Mobile Phone
Email Address
Web Address
Bill Address 1
Bill Address 2
Bill Address 3
Bill Address City
Bill Address State
Bill Address Postal Code
Bill Address Country
Bill Address Note
Tax Identifier
Terms ‡
Account Number
Is 1099
Currency ‡

See this article for more information on field types.

Available in Sync & Save PLUS QuickBooks version 1.11.11

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