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Submissions: Exporting To QuickBooks Online Purchase Order

Required Fields

  • Vendor ‡*
  • Line: Item ‡*

PO Status

  • Allowed values are "Open", "Closed".

Global Tax Calculation

  • Available for non-US editions of QBO.
  • Allowed values are "TaxExcluded", "TaxInclusive", "NotApplicable".

Line: Amount

  • If the "Line: Unit Price" and "Line: Quantity" fields are populated the "Line: Amount" field will be ignored.

Purchase Order Fields

Vendor ‡*
Document Number
Purchase Order Date
AP Account ‡
Class ‡
Terms ‡
Due Date
Vendor Address 1
Vendor Address 2
Vendor Address 3
Vendor Address City
Vendor Address State
Vendor Address Postal Code
Vendor Address Country
Vendor Address Note
Ship Address 1
Ship Address 2
Ship Address 3
Ship Address City
Ship Address State
Ship Address Postal Code
Ship Address Country
Ship Address Note
Ship Via
PO Status
Tax Code ‡
Global Tax Calculation
Exchange Rate
Custom 1
Custom 2
Custom 3
Line: Item ‡*
Line: Class ‡
Line: Taxable
Line: Unit Price
Line: Quantity
Line: Amount
Line: Billable

See this article for more information on field types.

Available in Sync & Save PLUS QuickBooks version 1.11.11

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