Release Notes 1.11.x

1.11.28 2015-06-19


1.11.27 2015-05-21


  • [INTSYNC-62] - Network time fails if DNS returns an IPv6 address for time server
  • [INTSYNC-64] - Unicode characters in lookup table column names breaks local comparison
  • [INTSYNC-66] - Cloud file systems sometimes create more than one instance of target folder


  • [INTSYNC-65] - Add option to turn off encryption of lookup data at the job level

New Feature

  • [INTSYNC-57] - Encrypt lookup data before uploading based on customer specific key

1.11.26 2015-05-19


  • [INTSYNC-61] - QB Timecard only creates one entry even if there are repeats.

1.11.25 2015-05-18


  • [INTSYNC-60] - QB Timecard Export fails on date fields.

1.11.24 2015-05-14


  • [INTSYNC-52] - QB Customer list lookup fails if no sales tax is set up in QB
  • [INTSYNC-58] - Import from Xls includes blank rows


  • [INTSYNC-1] - Refresh errored submissions with edited submission data
  • [INTSYNC-31] - Make Clear Download List button also clear cached (to be processed) submissions
  • [INTSYNC-32] - Add right click menu to Format grid with Delete option
  • [INTSYNC-56] - Handle large lookup table uploads from Excel

1.11.23 2015-05-12


  • [INTSYNC-5] - Default insert statements don't respect Format column order
  • [INTSYNC-46] - Refresh of Box token fails


  • [INTSYNC-45] - Retry upload to cloud file systems if it fails
  • [INTSYNC-48] - Make submission month selection move to next/previous year on jan/dec change
  • [INTSYNC-49] - Make attachment exports try up to 5 times before failing
  • [INTSYNC-51] - Change over quota notification to only send once per hour

1.11.22 2015-05-07


  • [INTSYNC-37] - Sharepoint Document Library: allow export even if no fields are configured
  • [INTSYNC-41] - Sharepoint Document Library: Handle situation where library name does not match actual path

New Feature

  • [INTSYNC-16] - Add Multiply Repeats option to Repeats
  • [INTSYNC-38] - Lookup table from SharePoint List

1.11.21 2015-05-05


  • [INTSYNC-39] - Box cloud connection fails to create folder when needed

1.11.20 2015-05-05

  • Add support for Clickatell SMS message gateway.
  • Add support for Salesforce sandbox.
  • Add option to limit which dispatch records have status synchronized.
  • Add general email notification option for all jobs.
  • Add general Salesforce authentication for all jobs.
  • Fix bug in MySQL connection.
  • Fix bug in Box cloud authentication.

1.11.17 2015-04-15

  • Add support for Google Spreadsheet.
  • Add support for Evernote.
  • Add support for QuickBooks AP transactions.
  • Add support for QuickBooks Online AP transactions.
  • Add support for Method:CRM.
  • Add support for Salesforce attachments.
  • Add archive of submission data.
  • Add URL data type to Excel export.
  • Add ability to define default SQL data types.
  • Add ability to define proxy server settings.
  • Add option to combine submission details.
  • Add option to move dispatch source file when completed.
  • Add option to make attachment file unique naming convention restart with each new file.
  • Improve lookup table job speed.

1.10.16 2015-02-25

  • Fix bug that caused some PDF templated reports to fail.
  • Add ability to dispatch to read only fields.

1.10.14 2015-02-10

  • Fix bug that could cause data to be dropped from repeating sections.

1.10.12 2015-01-16

  • Various bug fixes.

1.10.6 2014-12-01

  • Add dispatch from normalized SQL and XML sources.
  • Add multi-threaded attachment downloads.
  • Add output of templated Xlsx report.
  • Optimize support for complex PDF templated reports.

1.9.3 2014-11-05

  • Fix bug in GPS output that could cause an application crash.

1.9.0 2014-10-23

  • Add ability to use Windows Task Scheduler without configuring individual tasks.

1.8.0 2014-09-16

  • Add output of PDF templated report.
  • Add ability to dispatch to fields in repeating sections, tables and grids.
  • Add ability to convert currency values to decimal.
  • Fix bug that kept jobs triggered from command line from showing in main log.

1.7.6 2014-08-19

  • Fix bug in upload of large number of records to lookup tables.

1.7.5 2014-08-18

  • Improve upload of large number of records to lookup tables.

1.7.4 2014-07-29

  • Add ability to handle submissions with blank recordid field.

1.7.3 2014-07-24

  • Fix bug in templated Word output to cloud file systems.

1.7.2 2014-07-03

  • Add templated Word output.
  • Add option to attach output file to notification email.
  • Add image attachment output to Excel.
  • Change from square brackets [ ] to curly braces { } in format and path configuration.
  • Fix bug displaying preview of data from sql columns with type of timestamp.

1.6.3 2014-05-16

  • Add notification for expiring license.
  • Add StatusName and StatusDate fields to Dispatch Status sync options.
  • Add simplified conversion to Local Date Time.
  • Fix bug causing license deactivation to fail.

1.6.2 2014-05-15

  • Fix bug exporting to xlsx.

1.6.1 2014-04-29

  • Fix bug in connection to Sage 50.

1.6.0 2014-04-24

  • Add support for Sage 50.

1.5.2 2014-03-24

  • Fix bug in statements that resulted in blank parameters.
  • Fix bug that caused command line execution to hang if user was not logged in.
  • Fix bug that caused Attachment base path to not merge data from submissions.
  • Add Clear Download History button to Settings tab.

1.5.0 2014-03-10

  • Add support for cloud file systems Dropbox, Box, Google Drive.
  • Add ability to export attachments as BLOBs to Sql Server, Oracle, MySql and Access.
  • Add support for SMTP email servers that require SSL to email notifications.

1.4.0 2014-02-10

  • Add support for Sybase ASE.
  • Add support for QuickBooks Online.

1.3.12 2013-12-09

  • Minor bug fixes.

1.3.11 2013-11-26

  • Add additional field types that can be populated with Dispatch.
  • Add ability to cancel running jobs.
  • Fix bug saving job configuration.
  • Keep previously downloaded submissions for preview.
  • Fix bug in processing multiple SQL statements for Oracle.

1.3.10 2013-11-08

  • Fix bug saving Oracle data source in Submission job.

1.3.9 2013-11-07

  • Change Job Log tab to use report viewer.
  • Change Submission Jobs to handle server errors as if they are time out errors.
  • Fix bug in MySQL parameter preparation.
  • Add support for Sage 100 transactions (Sync & Save PLUS Sage 100).

1.3.8 2013-11-05

  • Fix bug in Edit SQL execution of Submission job.

1.3.7 2013-10-29

  • Make dispatch job populate form fields without requiring a filled out submission.
  • Fix job upgrade bug.

1.3.6 2013-10-24

  • Fix bug causing field names with spaces in them to be skipped when exporting submissions.
  • Fix incorrect layout of submission job settings screen on some monitor resolutions.
  • Fix submission job not recognizing Excel worksheet name.
  • Add support for user defined functions in Access using Access Automation.
  • Add option for submission jobs to return a single record even if the submission has a repeating section.

1.3.5 2013-10-12

  • Add support for custom delimiters in text file export.

1.3.4 2013-10-08

  • Fix minor bugs.
  • Change to feature based licensing for PLUS options.

1.3.3 2013-10-01

  • Add support for (Sync & Save PLUS SalesForce).
  • Add support for ODBC connections (Sync & Save PLUS ODBC).
  • Add job specific Log tab.
  • Add Excel sources to Dispatch jobs.
  • Add option to use UnReadData method for Submissions jobs.
  • Add Text (no underscores) data type to Submissions jobs to convert underlying value of option list to display value.
  • Add Spanish localization.
  • Add support for downloading edited submissions.

1.3.2 2013-08-21

  • Add Dispatch capability (Sync & Save PLUS Dispatch).
  • Add automatic parsing of GPS data.
  • Add automatic parsing of blob file name.
  • Add ability to customize sql created by download job.
  • Changes sql insert statements to use parameterized statements.
  • Improve multi-threading support.
  • Add ability to copy job.
  • Update user interface theme.

1.2.16 2013-08-19

  • Fix bug in Local Date Time conversion export to Excel.

1.2.15 2013-07-17

  • Add Local Date Time data type to convert from UTC/GMT time.

1.2.14 2013-6-14

  • Add support for proxy servers.

1.2.13 2013-6-6

  • Fix bug in exporting date values to Access.
  • Handle blank web service response as error.

1.2.12 2013-6-5

  • Changes download jobs to ignore detail sections of a submission if no fields from a detail section are included in the export format.

1.2.11 2013-5-31

  • Adds ability to export to macro enabled Excel file (.xlsm)

1.2.10 2013-4-2

  • Enhances the reference table upload to handle large data sets.

1.2.9 2013-3-19

  • Adds ability to export to SharePoint Lists and Document Libraries (Sync & Save PLUS SharePoint).
  • Adds option to send NULL values in place of blank values to databases.
  • Switches from the client profile to the standard version of the .Net 4.0 framework.
  • Adds support for automatic upload of lookup tables.

1.2.7 2013-2-19

  • Adds Unicode support for sql outputs (Unicode was already supported for Excel, Access and text outputs).

1.2.5 2013-2-2

  • Fixes bug in requests that use localized dates.

1.2.4 2012-12-14

  • Fixes bug that caused jobs scheduled to run at midnight to fail.
  • Fixes problem importing jobs from previous versions.

1.2.3 2012-11-28

  • Minor bug fixes.

1.2.2 2012-11-27

  • Minor bug fixes.

1.2.1 2012-11-26

  • Improves stability by saving submissions to the hard drive before processing them.
  • Adds option to remove submissions from the server if they have been successfully processed.
  • Changes error tracking to be at the submission level instead of detail line level.
  • Adds a new option to send a notification email only if the job has failed.
  • Adds preview of transformed submission data.
  • Adds ability to define data types for export columns.
  • Adds csv and Excel files as data sources for upload jobs.
  • Adds the ability to export submissions as xml files.

1.1.4 2012-08-29

  • Adds a check of the correct internet time to make sure that no request for submissions requests a date range that is ahead of the time at the server.

1.1.3 2012-08-22

  • Adds ability to filter submissions to be processed based on the data in the submission.

1.1.2 2012-08-07

  • Add export to Xlsx format.
  • Add export to QuickBooks formats. (Sync & Save PLUS QuickBooks).
  • Add ability to set upload jobs to upload data only when the data has changed since the last snapshot.
  • Add preview of upload job data.
  • Add import and export of job setup.

1.1.1 2012-07-16

  • Add Oracle import and export formats.
  • Add Upload Jobs to update reference tables automatically.


  1. Introduction
  2. System Requirements
  3. Main Screen
  4. Submissions: Adding A New Job
  5. Submissions: Configuring the Export Settings
  6. Submissions: Setting Up the Export Format
  7. Submissions: Using The Submissions Tab
  8. Submissions: Dealing With Errors
  9. Submissions: Handling Repeating Data
  10. Submissions: Exporting To Text Files
  11. Submissions: Exporting To Sql Server, MySQL, Oracle, Access, Sybase ASE, or ODBC
  12. Submissions: Exporting To Excel
  13. Submissions: Exporting To PowerPivot For Excel
  14. Submissions: Exporting to Word
  15. Submissions: Exporting To QuickBooks
  16. Submissions: Exporting To QuickBooks Customer
  17. Submissions: Exporting To QuickBooks Estimate, Sales Order, Invoice, Sales Receipt
  18. Submissions: Exporting To QuickBooks Vendor
  19. Submissions: Exporting To QuickBooks Purchase Order
  20. Submissions: Exporting To QuickBooks Item Receipt
  21. Submissions: Exporting To QuickBooks Bill
  22. Submissions: Exporting to QuickBooks Receive Payment
  23. Submissions: Exporting To QuickBooks Time Entry
  24. Submissions: Exporting To QuickBooks Online
  25. Submissions: Exporting To QuickBooks Online Customer
  26. Submissions: Exporting To QuickBooks Online Estimate, Invoice, Sales Receipt
  27. Submissions: Exporting To QuickBooks Online Vendor
  28. Submissions: Exporting To QuickBooks Online Purchase Order
  29. Submissions: Exporting To QuickBooks Online Bill
  30. Submissions: Exporting to QuickBooks Online Time Activity
  31. Submissions: Exporting To Sage 50 (Peachtree)
  32. Submissions: Exporting To Sage 50 Quote, Sales Order, Sales Invoice
  33. Submissions: Exporting To Sage 50 Customer
  34. Submissions: Exporting To Sage 100 (MAS 90 / MAS200)
  35. Submissions: Exporting To Sage 100 Sales Order, SO Invoice, AR Invoice
  36. Submissions: Exporting To SharePoint
  37. Submissions: Exporting To
  38. Submissions: Exporting To Evernote
  39. Submissions: Exporting Attachments
  40. Submissions: Exporting PDF Report
  41. Submissions: Exporting A Specific Date Range
  42. Submissions: Filtering Submissions
  43. Submissions: Archive
  44. Submissions: Approve Before Exporting
  45. Submissions: Working With Date And Time Values
  46. Submissions: Working With Select One and Select Multiple fields
  47. Submissions: System Fields
  48. Submissions: Handling New Versions Of A Form
  49. Submissions: Networkfleet
  50. Submissions: Fleetmatics
  51. Lookup Table: Adding A New Job
  52. Lookup Table: Settings
  53. Lookup Table: From A Sql Source
  54. Lookup Table: From A File Source
  55. Lookup Table: From QuickBooks
  56. Lookup Table: From QuickBooks Online
  57. Lookup Table: From Sage 50
  58. Lookup Table: From
  59. Lookup Table: From A SharePoint List
  60. Lookup Table: From NetworkFleet
  61. Lookup Table: From Fleetmatics
  62. Lookup Table: Filtering Records
  63. Dispatch: Adding A New Job
  64. Dispatch: Settings
  65. Dispatch: Format
  66. Dispatch: From An SQL Source
  67. Dispatch: From QuickBooks
  68. Dispatch: Tables And Repeating Sections From An SQL Source
  69. Dispatch: From A File Source
  70. Dispatch: Tables And Repeating Sections From An XML Source
  71. Dispatch: From
  72. GPS: Adding A New Job
  73. GPS: Configuration
  74. Options: Calculations
  75. Options: Encryption
  76. Options: Proxy Server
  77. Options: Email Notifications
  78. Connecting to
  79. Connecting to Sharepoint
  80. Connecting To Cloud File Systems
  81. Connecting To SFTP
  82. Connecting To QuickBooks
  83. Connecting To QuickBooks: User Account
  84. Calculating tax on a form for QuickBooks
  85. Scheduling Jobs
  86. Job Log
  87. Run Jobs From An External Application
  88. Sending Information To Support
  89. Sending Job Configuration to Support
  90. Licensing
  91. Upgrading
  92. Backing Up And Restoring
  93. Webservice Quota
  94. Release Notes
  95. Release Notes 1.15.x
  96. Release Notes 1.14.x
  97. Release Notes 1.13.x
  98. Release Notes 1.12.x
  99. Release Notes 1.11.x
  100. Third Party Software

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