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Webservice Quota

doForms implements a quota on web service usage. Sync & Save communicates with the doForms system using web services and contributes to the total web service usage for each account.

When the daily web service quota is reached, any additional web service calls will be rejected with the message: "Daily web service quota exceeded." or "Web service error: Over quota."

Suggestions for reducing web service quota usage

  • Submission Jobs

    1. Download submissions regularly. Attempting to download a large date range of submissions at once is a common reason for reaching the quota.

    2. Make sure the Archive option is checked on the Advanced tab of Submission jobs. This ensures that submissions can be processed more than once without having to be downloaded again.

    3. If the PDF or Excel reports are not being used, make sure the following fields are not being used in Submission jobs:
  • Lookup Table Jobs

    1. Make sure the "Upload only if data changes" option is checked on the Advanced tab of Lookup Table jobs. This ensures that lookup tables are updated only when the source data changes.

    2. Reduce the frequency that lookup tables are uploaded.

    3. Remove any unused columns or rows from lookup tables.
More information on the doForms web service quota, including how the quota is calculated and when the quota resets is located here under "Quota Limits".

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