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Scheduled jobs do not run

Please use the following steps to troubleshoot scheduled jobs not running:

  1. Make sure you have checked Tools | Run Scheduled Jobs in Sync & Save.

  2. Make sure the Next Run date (main screen) is populated for the jobs you expect to run on a schedule. If the Next Run date is not populated, check the Schedule tab of the job.

  3. If you have not selected the Tools | Use Windows Task Scheduler option, make sure to leave Sync & Save running.

  4. If you have selected the Tools | Use Windows Task Schedule option, try unchecking the option and checking it again. If any error is reported when you check the Use Windows Task Scheduler option, this means that the Windows task scheduler job could not be configured and the scheduled jobs will not run.

    One common error is insufficient rights. This means that the user does not have adequate rights to configure the Windows task scheduler. Please check with your network administrator to change the rights of the user, or use a different Windows user account that has Administrative rights.

    If it is not clear how to resolve an error you receive, please report the the error to

  5. Close Sync & Save if it is running.
    Open the Windows Task Manager (type Task Manager in the programs search).
    Click the "Show processes from all users" option and then look for any instances of SyncAndSave.exe running.
    Use the End Process option to close any running instances of Sync & Save.
    Open Sync & Save and make sure the Tools | Run Scheduled Jobs is checked.
    Wait to see if scheduled jobs run as expected.

  6. If the above steps do not resolve the problem, please send the logs from Sync & Save using Help | Send Logs To Support, and then send an email to describing your issue.

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