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Submissions: Networkfleet

Sync & Save can be configured to include data from Networkfleet GPS tracking devices.

Based on data in each doForms form submission, Sync & Save looks up Networkfleet data and makes it available for export to any Sync & Save export target.

Integrating with Networkfleet

  1. Set up your Networkfleet api username and password

    Log in to

    Select Getting Started | Client Key Management.

    Click Register New Client and then enter a Client ID (username) and Client Secret (password).
  2. Configure Networkfleet so Sync & Save can lookup up vehicles

    Log in to

    Select Admin | Manage Fleet Preferences.

    Add a preference called "doForms Mobile Unit".

    In Networkfleet, select Admin | Manage Vehicles.

    For each vehicle, enter the unique vehicle value (Vehicle ID) that Sync & Save can use to look up the vehicle in the new doForms Mobile Unit field.

    If the doForms mobile devices will stay with a specific vehicle, the doForms Mobile Unit Number of each device is a good option because that value is present in every submission without requiring any data entry by the doForms user. If, however the doForms mobile devices move between vehicles, a Data Lookup or Choose One control that contains the unique vehicle identifier can be used on the doForms form.
  3. Configure Sync & Save to connect to Networkfleet

    In Sync & Save, select Tools | Options | Accounts | Networkfleet.

    Enter the username and password required to connect to the Networkfleet api that you configured in step 1.
  4. Configure a Sync & Save job to integrate Networkfleet data

    In a Submission Job, select the Format tab and then the Networkfleet tab.

    Enter the name of the Networkfleet Vehicle Alias field configured in step 2.

    Drag and drop the doForms field that contains the Vehicle ID data. In this case, the {phonenumber} field will be used because the doForms mobile devices stay with the vehicle.

    Drag and drop the start and stop date/time fields that will be used for finding any date sensitive Networkfleet data (any group not labeled "Current").

    Check off each group of Networkfleet data to include.
  5. Select Networkfleet fields to output

    Select the Fields tab, and drag/drop any Networkfleet field into the Sync & Save output configuration.

    Note that if no Networkfleet data is found (for instance, no Diagnostics messages are found in the specified date range), then the Networkfleet fields will not be present in the preview submission. Click View Template to view a generic submission that includes all possible fields.

Networkfleet Fields

  • All Networkfleet fields begin with the prefix "Nf_".

  • If the Networkfleet data group is labeled "(Current)" then it does not depend on the Start or Stop Date/Time fields. For these groups, the data Sync & Save receives depends on when the data is requested from Networkfleet, not on when the submission was created in doForms.

  • The "Gps Trips" data group includes special logic:

    • Sync & Save requests GpsMessages based on the Start and Stop fields with a date range three times the difference between the Start and Stop values.
    • The GpsMessages are divided into trips based on Key Off / Key On events.
    • All trips whose date/time center point falls within the range of the Start and Stop values is included in the result.

Networkfleet integration is available beginning with version 1.13.14.

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