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Run Jobs From An External Application

Sync & Save jobs can be triggered to run from an external application by saving file(s) into a monitored folder.

Set the folder to monitor by opening Tools | Options | Jobs | General:

  • Save files into the monitored folder to trigger jobs.
  • The file name should be the ID of the job (visible on the Advanced tab of the job) or the name of the job.
  • The content of the file and the file name extension are not read.
  • Files in the monitored folder will be deleted as soon as they have been read.
  • If jobs are configured to run in the user interface (Tools | Options | System), then an instance of Sync & Save must be running to monitor the folder.
  • If jobs are configured to run in the Windows service (Tools | Options | System), then the Windows service must be running in order to monitor the folder.
  • If the Monitor Folder setting is changed, Sync & Save or the Sync And Save Windows service should be restarted to use the new setting.
External job triggering is available beginning with version 1.13.55.

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