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Lookup Table: From A File Source


Lookup table data can be retrieved from several file sources, including csv, xml and Excel.
  • Select the source file or folder. If a folder is entered all files in the folder that match the source file extension will be imported.
  • If you want to move the file(s) to a different folder once it has been queried, enter a folder in the Move File(s) To field.
  • If the source type is Excel, enter the Worksheet name. If the Worksheet is blank, the first worksheet in the file will be queried.
  • See here for instructions on filtering.
Click the Preview button to check the source data.

The source file(s) should include ALL the records you want in your lookup table.

If the source data has not changed since the last time it was uploaded, nothing will be changed in the doForms system and the job will complete with the message "No changed records." To force Sync & Save to upload even if nothing has changed in the source, uncheck the "Upload only if data changes" option on the Advanced tab. Be sure to re-check this option once you have run the job.

Note that before version 1.12.1, if no records are found in the source file, then no changes are made to the lookup table.

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